In praise and remembrance of alexsmth114

What is life? This question has been pondered for tens of decades with hundreds of words proffered. We may never know.

I think life is making an impact on your environment and, for a few brief weeks, alexsmth114 changed mine. If you were lucky enough to encounter alex, you may have been put off by a boundless enthusiasm for articles, news, posts and writeups, videos and webhosting reviews. Your eyes may have glossed over—such is living in this jaded time.

But you were wrong, for now alexsmth114 has been erased. Overzealous hyperlinking ensured the world would eventually crush out such a spirit. But despair not, for alexsmth114 will live on in words, lovingly chronicled by those so touched, by those whose world has subtly changed.

!!.. my friend.



Over the next few days, we will share some of alex’s hopefulness, marked all the more bright in relation to our other beloved Alex. In this manner we will mourn and celebrate.

— God bless, The Bionicman


Another good week passes over!!..
    as barbarous as it is pointless
For me all the days are same, boring and routine!!..
    But still, they come.

—Alex Balk and alexsmth114

— God bless, The Bionicman


Really nice pic, this particular bear looks ferocious!!..
    I cannot save all the babies!
Another controversial news!!..
    How can I save all the babies?

—Alex Balk and alexsmth114

— God bless, The Bionicman


That’s nice judgement!!..
    The crushing sense of pervasive dread
A really nice story!!..
    crying out for salvation.

—Alex Balk and alexsmth114

— God bless, The Bionicman


Excellent article, one of the best in recent times!!..
    [Spoiler alert: Mostly they tossed it into the street.]
Nice thoughtful video, cheers to the people behind it!!..

—Alex Balk and alexsmth114

— God bless, The Bionicman


A high tech bus, looks really cool inside!!..
    Your worries will outweigh your wonders
Truly inspirational stuff, can’t get better than this!!..
    Disasters will remain unresolved.

—Alex Balk and alexsmth114

— God bless, The Bionicman


Great portrait, left me asking for more!!..
     impossibly remote in our age of child sexting
Cute looking actress, I like her!!..
     “He should be ashamed,” it hisses with unconcealed disdain.

Alex Balk and alexsmth114

— God bless, The Bionicman
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